Evidence of a Chemical Reaction New!!
Table of Contents for Interactive Notebooks
Lab Station Labels
Science Lab Jobs
Lab Station Material Organization
Science Fair Board Headings
Cells Theory Timeline
Cell Theory Notes, Vocabulary
Energy Quiz
Elements I have, who has?
Science Fair Research Paper Rubric
Science Fair Timeline, Details, and Grades
Biology Scoot


Algebra Tiles
Mathematical Practices Posters
Integer Squares
Ratio Story Problems
Prime Factorization Sample
Coordinate Grid Basics Sample
Transformations Sample
Central Tendencies Sample
Scientific Notation Sample
Intermediate Grades 100th Day Sample
Trick or Treat Logic Puzzles
Movie Math Cootie Catcher
Angles I have, who has?
Integers I have, who has?
CCSS 6th grade Math Big Ideas
CCSS 7th grade Math Big Ideas
CCSS 7th grade Math I can statements and vocab. cards
CCSS 8th grade Math Big Ideas


ELA/Other Grade Levels


J'mi Heflin said...

You did an amazing job on the CCSS 7th Grade Math I Can Statements and Vocab Card, I was wondering if you have the same packet for 8th Grade?

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