Saturday, April 11, 2015

Love and Resources: Giving and Getting More Back in Return

It never ceases to amaze me that when I give to someone else, it always seems to come back to me two fold.  I want to provide this same opportunity for you.

My 14 year old daughter learned over spring break that one of her good friends was diagnosed with leukemia.  Not an easy one to treat either, but an aggressive version usually found in adults.  That's a lot for a junior higher to take in and process, not only for my daughter's friend but for everyone around her.  In an effort to feel like she is making a difference, she signed up for the Relay for Life with her school's team.  She originally said that she'd like to raise $100, thinking that it was a lofty goal.  Soon after our family came through in a big way, so now she thinks she can do even more!  If you'd like to help her out, I will send you some resources as a BIG THANK YOU for your support. I've tried to provide several options, including some of my more expensive and most popular products.

When you donate to Relay for Life your name will be added to the list on donors, just email me or leave your email in the comment section for this post letting me know your name and email where you would like the files to be sent.  I will respond to your donation within 24 hours.  All files are in pdf format, with some of the bigger files compressed in a zip file.  You will receive a tax deductible receipt for your donation and more than that back in return for your donation.

Below is a link to her fundraising site.  This opportunity is only good through May 1, 2015.

If you donate $10, I will send you either the science inquiry bundle or the classroom management bundle.  Or if you'd rather, pick $15 worth of resources from my store.

Science Inquiry: Fun with Flight Unit, 100 Licks Lab, Science Fair Logbook, Science Fair Board Headers ($18 value)

Classroom Management:  Chevron Buntings and Letters,  Classroom Labels,  Lab Station Labels and Management, I Mustache for Groups!, A Step in the Right Direction Classroom Punch Cards, and Tie Dyed Brights Calendar ($18 value)

If you'd like to donate $25 or more, in addition to the above resource choice, I will also send you my geometry bundle worth more than $30.

Geometry Bundle: All About Angles (Bundle), Basics on the Coordinate Plane, Transformations on the Coordinate Plane ($32 value)


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