Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ahhhh...Spring Break!

Looking forward to the only time when Arizona weather is in the 80's and to working on some new stuff for some of you that made requests.  Don't worry just yet if I haven't been in touch, it does take me some time to make you what exactly you are looking for!  Here is a portion of a H-U-G-E download on using algebra tiles.  I've worked with my own kid on using these this past quarter, and I'm amazed at how much you can actually do with them.  There isn't any instructions here, but I found a super cool interactive site that shows you how to do just about anything with polynomials and algebra tiles right down to how to use them to teach integers.  And having taught adding and subtracting with integers, I can tell you that it will help out the students that seem to struggle with them otherwise!  Anyway, take 'em if you can use 'em, and check out this site for what to do with them! Math Bits


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