Saturday, September 7, 2013

It's in the genes!

It has been a long and bumpy road for the 8th graders in room 910 this quarter.  They have learned that gone are the days of earth science, and hello to the world of high school topics.  First up is genetics.   It's been a learning curve for them as they try to piece together bits of information about something unseen.  We've covered all things DNA: cells and organelles, DNA and its history, protein synthesis, inheritance and its history, mitosis, meiosis, and genetic disorders.  We finished our second unit with a test on Tuesday.  Here was the review I used.  The students found it helpful as they tried to determine which topics to spend their study time working on.

The final piece of this unit asks students to look at genetics from a different point of view.  They have a  final project on genetic disorders and how technologies are helping or might help in the future.  They have found that the topics we covered are essential to understanding how mutations and inheritance impact real people.  I've been astounded by their level of maturity and compassion as they slowly internalize genetic disabilities.


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