Thursday, June 20, 2013

So much to share!

I've never been so busy in my entire career!  As school wrapped up at the end of May I began to reflect, as all of us do, on what I accomplished this year...

Learned and implemented 7th grade science curriculum.
Learned and implemented 8th grade science curriculum.
Took 2 classes on teaching gifted students and 1 class on science modeling.
Implemented 2 different strategies in the classroom based off the classes taken.
Learned a new email system.
Learned a new teacher evaluation system.
Learned how to implement CCSS ELA standards into science. (It's still weird that I use ELA instead of  math!!)
Wrote science benchmarks for elementary grades for our district.
Evaluated science benchmarks written by others for junior high grades for our district.
Judged science fairs.
Participated in book study.
Sat on the Data Wise committee.

And what do I do when I'm finished with it all???  I start on next year's improvements...WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? It's like I'm an addict!

Yesterday I finished a rubric for my kiddos' science reports.  This one is specifically for science fair.  I also finished a timeline, guidelines, and grade breakdown for both 7th and 8th grade.  I wish I had someone's to look at last year, so I'm posting mine to Drive and hopefully it will help someone else in my shoes!

Research Paper Rubric
Timeline, guidelines, grade breakdown

Since my last real post, I've found so much to share...

1.  Use it or Lose it!!
Heard of Bloglovin?  It's something that you will need come July 1st or you will lose all the blogs you follow.  Apparently the powers that be are getting rid of Google friends connect.  I moved over this morning so that I didn't lose ANYTHING!  Not only do I follow teaching blogs, but also craft blogs and food blogs.  You can visit, I Teach. What's Your Super Power to find out how to switch over.  It's pretty easy.  Now I need to go find a new button.

2. Science Blogs, anyone?
Mrs. Harris Teaches Science is hosting a blog hop for science blogs! I wish that there were more around to get some great ideas, but maybe by spreading the word, more will sign up!

3.  Bamboo by Wacom
My mother's day gift!  It was from my husband who doesn't think he should have to get me anything because he isn't my mother.  That's when I brought on the guilt trip.  Now I need to learn how to make stuff on it...I can't wait.

It's the new catch phrase, but I want it to be known that I loved it before it was a fad.  My love of science came from my high school physics class that took a STEM approach and that was...well...that was a long time ago!  We built bridges and parachutes and a boat that we had to ride in across the pool. We took a trip to Magic Mountain to perform our "lab."  It was awesome!  If all my science classes had been that cool, I might have ended up an engineer.  I try to make sure that my students experience that joy of learning science!  Here are some AWESOME new resources I found and will be using this year.

Paper Roller Coasters
Marble Run -Build it online
STEM Works
Junk Box Wars

5. Pinterest
Not new, per se, but full of magnificent video clips, books for the ever changing field of eduction, lesson ideas.  If you haven't been on, you should, if you are check out my education boards full of inspiration!!  This is a link to my science board, but I've got something for everybody!!

6. BIE
Using Project Based Learning fits so snuggly with all aspects of the Common Core.  I predict that it will explode across the US in the next few years because it does allow teachers to kill several birds with one stone.  This week I found that there is a bank of projects on the BIE site for all grade levels.

7. Free Brain Pop Games
I love Brain Pop, but don't like the price.  These interactive games in compass multiple subject areas and engage students in higher level thinking skills!  My kids loved the Master Mines, Coaster Creator, and Landform Detectives...probably because those were made by the JASON Project (I miss them!)


Mrs. Harris Teaches said...

This is crazy - I just found out about the paper coasters at a Maker Faire (if you haven't been to one, go!) and I am pretty convinced I'm going to use them next year in physics. They are too cool and simple to NOT use them.

Thanks for linking up!

Mrs. Harris
Mrs. Harris Teaches Science!

Caught in the Middle said...

I went to Maker Faire a few years ago before I was teaching junior high science. It was way cool, but more than I could appreciate at the time. Sorry I couldn't grab your button, the html code just wouldn't work!

JulesLynae said...

I teach 4-8th grade Science - thanks for sharing the resources! I am new at 5th-8th grade, so I am taking all I can find :) Thanks again!

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