Saturday, May 25, 2013

Someday society will realize how important teachers are...

I've always believed that this profession is not for the faint of heart.  It's not for those that can't, nor for those who think it's extra time off.  It's a calling.  It requires compassion, dedication, and courage.

In the news yesterday there were stories of teachers shielding children with their own bodies while reassuring them that it would be ok. Today there was a story of child care workers and classroom teachers that held cars up off of the children entrusted to their care and it brought me to tears.  

During my last post I mentioned that the teacher sites were organizing fundraisers for those in Oklahoma.  I just checked in with TN and they've raised over $53,000.  I bought the file that I also contributed to and it may take weeks to go through all the files that I got in my download. You can donate one of 4 amounts.  How amazing!  I also checked in on the bundles at TpT.  There are 4 available...2 for k-2 and 2 for 3-6.  I'm blown away by the way so many teachers have come together to support this region that has lost so much.  

Bundle I ~3-6
There are 3 other bundles that you can also purchase.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Moore, OK Relief Efforts

I hope you will join in the efforts taking place through TpT and TN to raise money for the relief effort in Oklahoma.  For both efforts I have donated different items.  I hope that teachers around the country will consider extending their impact by donating products to, or purchasing packages for this worthy cause.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Monday's Freebie is Up!

Head on over to my facebook page to pick up "Looking for Landforms."  Grab it before Tuesday when a new one will take its place!

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The End is Near...

We are now in the final stretch of our school year, and I couldn't be more excited!  I've learned so much this year, but it has definitely kept me away from my blog. :(  Currently, I'm writing benchmarks for my school district and the deadline is quickly approaching!!  I've taken more classes, volunteered for more weekend adventures, and been recruited to do more this year than in the past 3 years combined.  I will walk away with so much knowledge that I'm hoping to use it next year to make my new position even better.  I'm wishing all of you a much deserved Teacher Appreciation Week!  Here are some events to take part in this week...

I've already got my shopping cart ready for check out!!  Such an awesome time to get great products for less!  I will be joining so many others to give you 28% off.

Another great place to get great deals...On Tuesday, I am offering 50% off of everything in my shop.  Then Teacher's Notebook will take ANOTHER 10% off.  They are also giving away daily gift cards!!

Get there early...there's always a line!!

Chick-fli-A and McDonalds are offering free meals, as are the Famous Dave's in Arizona.  Teaching ID required.  Famous Dave's would like to see your certificate.