Saturday, February 2, 2013

Great Finds (that make my life easier...or at least more interesting!)

So I've been on yet another hunt searching the web for great teacher resources.  I tend to get off track in my searches...I start looking for activities for ecology and end by finding great recipes for 4th of July weekend.  But in my latest search of the net, I found these gems that I hope that everyone know about, but just in case here's what I've found.

This is a GOLDMINE!  There is so much to see here that you should plan on spending the good part of a day.  I don't even know where to begin.  This teacher has something for everyone K-6 and adaptable stuff for kids that are a little older.  There are resources galore on anything and everything, but her focus is on technology.  So check it out and have fun!!

How has it taken me this long to find this and utilize it?  Edmodo is set up to look like a facebook page, but it is all education related.  I recently added it for a class that I am starting next weekend.  As I began poking around on it, I found a link to my next find...

Prezi isn't new to me, but I had no idea that you could save and share your Prezis with others.  Much like a Google Drive, the educational Prezis are offered to others...SCORE!  Here is one I found yesterday on the tides and eclipses.  I'm putting it in my pile for things to use next year.

Right now I'm in search of great ways to present physics.  Labs that are inquiry based are my favorite, but finding ones to fit my age group is sometimes hard.  Much of what I've found is either elementary 4/5th grade or AP, neither is going to work for me.  However I ran across this site full of links yesterday and I'm still going through them.  The first download is a 200 page manual chocked full of labs!

Physics Central
APS ~K-8, HS, and college
Crayon Physics ~Make things move by drawing in ramps, balls, and other objects.
PhET ~Simulations for all ages...LOVE IT!!
The Physics Classroom

Super Duper Weekend!

I have quite a number of posts that I've been sitting on this week.  This weekend, I'm going to try to gather them all up and get them all posted.  It will include fabulous education links I've found, (always a Godsend!) some freebie forms and handouts I created, and some reflections about modeling in the classroom.

In the meantime, there will be teacher sales running both on TN and TpT.  My TN site is running 30% off all weekend and the TpT site will run 20% today and Monday, and 28% tomorrow with the store coupon SUPER!  I hope you stop by and check it out!  As I was crafting an email to send out to followers this morning, I realized that I had upload 12 new products since winter break.  All of my files that are sitting dormant for math have gotten a facelift and being put to work even though I won't get to use them for a while.