Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Science Modeling

Sorry I've been absent.  It's been science fair season, new university class time, PD, and I heard there may be some assessment writing I got myself into.  I have now broken my new year's resolution...learn to say no once in a while.

One of my newest additions to my overbooked life is my latest class in science modeling.  Ever heard of it?  Does anyone use it?  I find it fascinating, but would like to find some resources that are available online.  The lessons I've found are geared toward high school and are just a tad high for my level.  Modeling is the essence of inquiry in classrooms.  It takes a concept, leads students to the learning through a demonstration, and then they take over.  They produce questions that then turn into experiments, and then students white board their work to present to the class.  Students then have the opportunity to drill the presenters about their data.  I've done 2 lessons this way and love it!  It seems like it is the way teaching should be...lead the horses to water.

Here is their website if you want to take a look:  American Modeling Teachers Association


foodmathquilts said...

I haven't heard of science modeling, but it sounds similar to "Smarter Science". I attending a training session through my board last year.

I don't teach science this year, so I haven't used it formally, but I have encorporated some of the philosophy of getting students to explore their own questions through a couple of probability / dice experiments that I did with the lifeskills class at my elementary school - it was a great way to tackle topics at their level.

Here is the website:


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