Friday, January 4, 2013


The items that I create to share will remain free here on my blog (Just one more reason to follow my blog), but after reading Paul's letter (TpT) this morning, there are some free items that I took down and some that I priced in my store.  I truly believe that TpT has been a positive for both teachers looking for inspiration and for those that are creating.  It lifts both up to do quality work in their classrooms, but the bottom line is that it's a business.    It does seem that there will be some changes to how they run freebies, so I figure I'd stay ahead of the game.  I, just like many in the forum, was part of the problem, and I don't want to bite the proverbial hand!

Having said is a sample freebie from my newest creation.  I'll be using these once we get back from break for some Tribes activities.  


M said...

Thanks Jena, I like to use different grouping methods too and I'm always looking for new objects/ cards to use for kids to sort and organise themselves. I hope that TPT continues to allow some 'freebie' offerings, but then again, the packets are so reasonably priced when we consider how much time we save when we can buy reources ready made. Not only that, I prefer to pay a teacher than a corporation and teacher time is invaluable. So buyers shouldn't be complaining really.
I always enjoy your posts too, so freebies are not the only reason I follow you! :D

Caught in the Middle said...

I think they will always have freebies, but I anticipate that either they will limit the number of pages or the number any one can have at one time. I guess some are giving away units that could easily be $10 items and so other stores are "losing" money. I think it's a bigger problem with primary grade teachers since they all teach the same things. I'm just being more careful with what I post. And... Thanks for reading!

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