Friday, November 30, 2012

Real Learning...Surviving an Earthquake

Students just finished up learning about the ins and outs of to bring it all home, we designed structures that were built to withstand earthquake forces.  Much like the Design Squad activities, students were given a set number of supplies and were required to create a structure at least 50 cm in height.  Going through the engineering design process, students were allowed to build a prototype and then return to lab stations to tweak their work.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Teacher Sales!

Just wanted to pass along sales news, in case you don't frequent the teacher products websites.  Both Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook are running big sales.  TN started yesterday and runs through Monday.  In addition to personal sales up to 50% off, the company also will tack on another 10% savings.  I just spent a whopping $13 and picked up some amazing clip art and other items.  TpT begins tomorrow and runs through Tuesday.  The items can be up to 28% off and they have a much larger selection of lessons for upper grades.  I too am running a sale in my site...Hope you check it out!!

Sunday, November 18, 2012


I am here...I do think about all the great topics that I can share, but I'm in the midst of being a first year teacher all over again.  I feel like I need 8 more hours in everyday and that there is so much to share that I'm learning this year, but that's the part that is actually keeping me from blogging!  Now midterm in 2nd quarter, I finally feel like I'm comfortable again with what I do.  I feel like I've got the groove down, the daily timing, the grading notebooks, but currently it leaves little time for me to blog like I want. So for now, tonight's post will have to do.  Someday soon I will have entries galore and will again post to my shops.