Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Total Package Tuesdays

To this day I still remember my favorite science class of all time: physics.  This was the only class in high school that really challenged me since I hadn't yet taken calculus.  During one quarter I even earned a D, much to my chagrin. It really should have been called engineering.  If it had been, I may have chosen that as a career.  We build toothpick bridges and dropped eggs strapped to parachutes from the top of the stadium.  We made a life-sized boat from cardboard and water soluble glue and had to paddle it across the pool and ran marbles down ramps to hit bulls eyes.  But nothing will ever be as fabulous as the lab activities that we did on our field trip to Magic Mountain. 20 years later I still remember my lab kit and calculating centrifugal force, rate of gravity, acceleration and velocity like it was yesterday.  To be honest, I don't remember more than a few moments of every other class I took in high school, but there was something about physics.

Being in California this past weekend brought back so many happy thoughts about physics class, and since our family just returned from Disneyland during our fall break, today's topic is Rollercoasters.

Build Your Own Coasters!
Discovery Kids
Amusement Park Physics
Coaster Dynamics
Roller Coaster Design -9 physics lessons

 Science Lessons/Contests
Teach Engineering Lesson Plan
Roller Coaster Mania!

Roller Coaster Statistics
Scale Drawing Lessons

Articles for Kids
Roller Coaster Thrills
     Questions/Cross Curricular Tie ins
News Detective: Emily rides a roller coaster
History of the Coaster
Physics of Roller Coasters


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