Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Total Package Tuesdays

Today's topic is total PACKAGE topic is...ironically...package engineering.  It's something that most don't spend much time thinking too much about, but there is an entire industry that relies on this specific profession.  Check out Packaging World or  Packaging Digest for everything you could ever what to know.  There are articles, videos, examples, even blogs!   On our recent trip to Disneyland, I spent a great deal of time at the store trying to find small, portable, kid friendly items to pack in my purse.  It started me thinking about all of the thought that goes into packaging new items.  Companies are trying to corner a market, provide less for more, and convince us all to buy their "new" products.  Take some of my recent favorites...


My daughter's favorite new treat.  Applesauce in a squeeze container.  There are no worries about having a spoon and they are everything free that you can think of.

This must have been made just for me.  Too lazy to pack your lunch before leaving the house?  Just bring it along and make it at work.  Genius!

There is also the king of packaging: IKEA. Packaging is such a big part of their company that they've designed an entire web page to it.  They even have a case study on how to more efficiently ship tea candles.

When looking at our class's recent package engineering assignment, the students used the 6 thinking hats to generate ideas without letting one person "bulldoze" the conversation.  If you've never used it, you can check out what it is about by clicking on the hats or here (from Mind Tools).  It can be used for any subject area; not just in science!

Engineering: Go for It! has multiple activities to introduce students to this unusual niche in the engineering field.
Try Engineering has 5 different lessons available on package engineering.
Teach Engineering -evaluate packaging


Stephania Augello said...

That's great that you used the deBono Thinking Hats. I use them often in reading but they really can be used across all year levels and subject areas!

Miss A

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