Friday, September 7, 2012

21st Century Learners

Topic of last night's Engineering and the Gifted Learner was how to create 21st Century Learning in the classroom while still balancing the other requirements of testing.  We had long discussions of the balancing act that we are faced with everyday.  We also watched this clip by Sir Ken Robinson.

The second portion of the class focused on using CCSS.  We looked at multiple sources of finding quality, rigorous reading that can act as both a spring board for new topics or provide wrap up for a unit.  Zite is a free app that recommends articles based on others that you choose to read...sort of a tivo type of device for articles.  I've also liked Science Alerts on Facebook that find multiple stories everyday to post.  There are so many more reading sources available than just a textbook.


Lucinda Hoad said...

Good point Jena! I love using current event articles to do this exact thing. PBS is great for finding those, and a lot of great magazines like Time and National Geographic have kid's sites that have great articles. I use them for warm ups that can easily be used as quick cross-curricular lessons too!

April Walker said...

I will check both of those out!
~April Walker
The Idea Backpack

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