Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Next week marks our first quarter midterm.  Junior highs have conferences, and I'm already learning that I like these much better than the 85 I had last year.  I was telling my new team about it, and the day from hell that pretty much sealed my fate in moving out of elementary.  This year...we meet with those we need to, the remainder of the students come in with their parents to the library, go through their reflections, goals and select pieces from the last several weeks.  Sounds nice, but we shall see!

I'm also coming to the end of our study on genetics, and like most first years I'm contemplating how it's been going and what I will change for next year.  My question for those of you who teach genetics/heredity is, "Do you have a preferred order in which you teach it all?" After a brief cell review, I began with inheritance, but I'm not so sure that's how I will do it again.  I'd love to hear any feedback!!


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