Friday, June 1, 2012

The Flipped Classroom

Flipped Classroom
Created by Knewton and Column Five Media

For several years now I've used the Livescribe Pen to help students that have been absent.  When the Khan Academy came online, I was excited that kids were finally having access to learning in a way that I believed in, but had no idea that it would take off on such a global scale!  Now that I've read information about the flipped classroom, I'm excited to do a unit next year using this model.  I'm not sure which one, or when, but it is my goal to give this a full fledged effort next year.  Since I will be using PBLs with the students, I feel like this will be able to maximize our time for labs in the classroom.

Is anyone already doing flipped classrooms?  Any pointers for middle school kids?


Alana Gilliam said...

I've been reading about this model and it sounds so interesting and can be effective if exexcuted correctly. One question what is PBL? I can't wait to read how it works for you.
Special Teaching in the Middle

Caught in the Middle said...

PBL is project based learning. It is a cross curricular look at a topic that student complete a pertaining to a real life situation.

ThinkWonder Teach said...

I have read a lot about this model and really want to use it but the districts I have been in all highly discourage it. Why? Mainly because we have such a high poverty rate and limited technology that it would be difficult to utilize. Instead, I provide the links to khan academy and other places on the classroom website as homework helpers or for those who are interested in more activity based work in class. If they do it online, they can skip the lecture and work independently at their pace. It is just a way for me to differentiate instruction.

Think, Wonder, & Teach

Life in Middle School said...

I've been thinking about this as well... Next year, with my computer elective I will have the access to the computers for the students. Kids at my middle school don't have internet access as regularly as I would like.

I'm going to try some ideas out about flipping my class - using videos from TED Talks or things like that for my students in class. I can't rely on having the videos for homework because my kids can't access it.

Life in Middle School

Tammy ScharrerTeacherg said...

I went to a workshop recently on the flipped classroom and have invited several of my colleagues to join me this coming year to implement. Here is a tool I was introduced to that might help, After you set up your account, which is free, it will ask you to join a group. There is a group called somersaulting the classroom. The code to enter is p65nmy. Join us so we share ideas.

Rhoda said...

I'm planning to flip my class next year. I did it with a few assignments last year. The benefits are great! I had some professional development on it, and plan to blog about it soon! (some tools, rather than finding other teacher's videos, to help you create your own lessons).

Erin said...

I've watched the videos about this, and I love the concept. I have a hard time, though, figuring out how it would work in a middle school LA classroom, which is what I teach. I would love to be able to observe someone in action!

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