Friday, June 22, 2012

Disappearing Spoon

So I've always been a math/science person, you probably already know that, but notice that the math is first in my description.  It's logical, sequential, and so me!  Science is application of math and it is fascinating and interesting and there is so much of it.  Trying to be an expert in genetics and astronomy and chemistry and geology and ecology and...I know there is more but some days my mind begins to go numb.

I've been reading a lot these last three weeks, and alright I did indulge by ready the 50 Shades trilogy, but the Disappearing Spoon book by Sam Kean is really a great read.  It takes science pieces and intertwines the historical perspective and little know facts behind the stories.  Although it seems to be a chemistry based book, there is a little bit of knowledge about just about every area of science I will be teaching.  It is the interesting background that I've been looking for and need as I begin to map out my new school year!


MaryBeth Spencer said...

I loved this book, too! I also recommend "The Canon" by Natalie Angier. It explores the most important aspects of science, but in a totally accessible way. :)

Caught in the Middle said...

Thanks for the suggestion! It is definitely in my pile of "must reads." Maybe I'll move it to the top and read it next!

Let's Talk Speech and Language said...

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Mallory said...

Hey there!!

I have nominated you for a blog award! Go to my blog and check it out!

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Jess said...

I just gave you an award. Come on over to my blog and check it out!!

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Jessica Smith said...

This is great! :) I am mainly a science teacher (7th grade) but this year am teaching a "reading in science" class for our struggling readers. I'm looking for as many sources as I can find! Thanks!


Jessica Smith said...

Also.... I think I could repin EVERYTHING from your pinterest boards! :) Thank you!

Caught in the Middle said...

Hi all! I'm just returning from some much needed time off. Yes, I actually took a vacation and have tried to not think about school too much. Mallory and Jess, thanks for the awards! I may or may not have time to post on those. I will be moving into my new classroom on Thursday, so hopefully I will have time to post something back to schoolish sometime next week.

Mrs. Crouse said...

Hey there!

I hope you can join me in my "Preparing for School" linky party @ {6th Grade} All-Stars

Mrs. Crouse :)

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