Sunday, May 27, 2012

Busy working on next year's topics

Since I found out that I'd be moving into the junior high and teaching science, I've been working on my school website for next year.  I know, crazy.  I figured that I have so much to do before school begins again in 7 weeks.  (Yes, I only get 7 weeks off.  It is the only time all year that I don't like being on a year round schedule.)  I figured that by putting together the science pages, that I would refamiliarizing myself with the science that I haven't seen since...oh, I can't even remember that far back!  So I thought that I would share some really cool things I've found related to space.

Interactive clip I found on Pinterest, that I love!!

Smithsonian also does an amazing job and relates the size to your own surroundings!
Thanks, Science Gal, for this one.  Scale size of small and large!

Teaching all about seasons?  I found this interactive, and a great site that explains common misconceptions.  Score on both of these also.

If you are looking for current event related sites, try Slooh Space Camera or Sky Walk, a blog out of Australia that gives a Southern Hemisphere perspective.

Trying to link it all together?  Try the legends behind the constellations, history of telescopes, or a myth about eclipses in kid friendly language.

If you've got sites that are interactive or kid friendly, let me know so I can add it to my class page!


Laura Ellison said...

That is one AWESOME video! I SERIOUSLY need to remember that when I teach my solar system unit next year-I was amazed in the different sizes before it even finished our solar system!

Will Grade For Coffee

Caught in the Middle said...

I think it's so hard for kids to wrap their brains around the size thing!

Life in Middle School said...

Jena - - It walks the students through hip and knee surgeries and my students loved it! I was actually going to make a worksheet to go with the activities now that I'm on summer vacation.

Life in Middle School

Alana Gilliam said...

I love science and somedays I really miss teaching it! But I do get to teach it during seminar when helping students that were absent. I love the interactive clip! Welcome to junior high! I love my 8th graders.
Special Teaching in the Middle

Kate said...

I love science!! I know this isn't SPACE related, but when teaching any sort of earth science topics always go to the website of National Parks. I have found some awesome ready to use lessons for my middle schoolers on NP websites.
To The Square Inch

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