Monday, April 30, 2012

What a way to end the school year!!

To start...I got my Pinterest Exchange today!  I was super excited, and thanks to Heather at A New Teacher's Journey for making something perfect to go with my angel collection. I LOVE IT!!

This was so much fun!  If you think you might be interested for the next go around, follow the Teacher Blogger Exchange.

Then I started to reflect on my time as a blog author.   I started my little blog way back at the beginning of the school year.  It was a way for me to share what I do and find others that also teach the intermediate kiddos.  I know that I've said it before, but coming from primary makes me way too cutesy for my placement.  I don't think I'll ever go back to the little ones, but I've learned to never say never.  (When I taught 1st grade, 4th graders scared me, and I said I'd never...and yet here I am!)  I've enjoyed this year tremendously.  I've had an outlet for the cutesy and the creative side of me that wants to shake some of the grouches around me and scream, "They still like smelly stickers!"

Now here we are at the beginning of May.  I've learned how to update my blog background, follow others, link up, comment on other blogs without feeling goofy, buy clip art and make my lessons even MORE cutesy, participated in my first ever virtual professional development and pinterest exchange, and have shops on TpT and TN.  WOW!!

But...what is even more exciting than this, and more exciting than 22 days left of school, is that I am almost at my 100th post, AND I have almost 100 admitted stalkers following my ramblings.

To add to my list of things I've learned from blogging, and in honor of the big 100, I am hosting my first EVER linky party and give away!!!

The linky party topic...Teacher Appreciation.  

Blog about something that you received during the first two weeks of May, and link it up here beginning on the 7th.  It could be a nice note, flower, door decoration, or gift.

If you link up you will be automatically entered to win the give away. (I'm still working on this part.)  I want it to be something for you, not your classroom to kind of keep with the theme of teacher appreciation. Hopefully I will have the gift basket put together by the end of the week when I post the party so that you have a little more incentive to participate!

Thanks to all of you for an amazing year of inspiration and support.  I can't wait to see what next year will bring!!


Alana Gilliam said...


I just started blogging and feel so much better after reading this post. I have been thinking I will never get to the point you and some of the other wonderful bloggers I follow are at. Thanks for sharing and happy 100th blog!

Caught in the Middle said...


Just remember that you do this for you and not for others. Everything else will fall into place. I'm slower to build than others, but I always come back to the fact that this is my outlet that I'm willing to share, not something that I do to please others.


Hbrown said...

I'm glad you love it! It looks great :)

Jessica said...

Hi! I'm so happy I found your it! I am your newest follower:) Stop by and visit me...

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