Monday, April 16, 2012

Interactive Notebooks in Science

I've used interactive science notebooks for a few years now and really love how they turn out.  It is like a portfolio for what we've done in science for the entire year, it teaches middle grade kiddos organizational skills, it makes grading a breeze, and it's an incredible reference for students.

When I first started working with these notebooks, I found this site.  A science teacher that also does notebooks, uploaded everything that her students put in them for an entire year.  Some of the items I was able to use, like the Table of Contents below, and some of the items would be great if I taught 5th or 7th grade here.  Literally, everything we do in science goes into these.

Table of Contents helps students find pages that we go back to.

Students take notes and make sketches in them.

They glue in foldables...

for vocabulary and key ideas...

They also practice writing, both informative and science fiction.

And of course all of our labs are recorded in here too.

This year the students will fill an entire 70 page spiral (that's a total of 140 total pages since we use both sides.)  They are starting to be as thick as a small binder and students are amazed at all of the stuff we have done this year.


AJ Conley said...

I am always looking for ways to use our notebooks more effectively. Do you have the sheets and foldables online to be used by others?

Caught in the Middle said...

In the freebie section at the top right I have the activities I use with cells, there is a link above in the 2nd paragraph where I have found so many science labs and things for the notebook, and the muscular system one is part of a unit in my stores. There are other things I use as well. Since this is my first year teaching science in the junior high, I will post items next year after I've had time to use them and tweak them.

Abby Hairston said...

The website, middleschoolscience, I can't access it… Do you happen to know what happened?

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