Sunday, April 22, 2012

Culminating Circulatory System

I just finished cooking 3 double batches of play dough for tomorrow's science activity.  It is the first time trying out this one, but it is so unique, I can't wait!

This lesson written by Jeff Dodds can be found here. It centers around helping an alien race develop an artificial heart.  Among other things, the aliens have only one lung and three chambers in their hearts. I've decided that students will go through a three step process for this lab. First they will be required to go over their heart diagram with their group, identifying all of the parts that are shared with the alien race.  Then, students will need to sketch, in storyboard fashion, what they think the heart and lungs may look like.  They must keep in mind all of the facts that they know about both systems so that the new heart works like a human heart, but has different parts.  The last part of the lab is to build a cross section model of the heart.

It is the first activity that I've found for the human body that helps students take what they know and apply it in a new, different, and creative way.  Since the body systems always seem very cut and dry to me, this should be interesting.  Hopefully tomorrow I will have pictures!


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