Friday, March 23, 2012

Prime Factorization

Phew!  With spring break almost over, I've been frantically planning for the upcoming quarter.  Last night I just finished a week long unit that centers on prime factorization.  Trying to figure out where and when it aligns with Common Core has been a pain.  Some of it is now in 6th grade, some isn't in common core at all, and I'm sure the state will add its own pieces to it as well.  I had found that this unit tied into 3 performance objective, but when I went back to double check on the common core website, it wasn't there!  Our book covers everything from using prime factorization to finding square roots with it.  I worked on getting together a unit for my stores, but here are a few pages of the divisibility section.  Happy Friday!

If you want the whole shabang it is at both my TN and TpT stores.



Kim said...

Hi Jena:

Thanks for sharing this wonderful collection. I downloaded the freebies and I'm checking out "the whole shabang." Perfect timing too!

Thanks so much...

Finding JOY in 6th Grade

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