Saturday, March 3, 2012

Finding Inspiration

Over the past two days I've been reminded of why it is that I do this blogging thing.  I truly feel that there is so much inspiration shared over the internet, that there are not enough hours in the day to read about them all.  I've thought many times about turning this into a career, but I'm sure the hubby would find my dreams comical.

At the end of last year, I felt spent.  My beloved principal was leaving, parent involvement was either non existent or inappropriate, I'd been in a grade level for long enough that I felt uninspired about my content, and working with curriculum (it's what I've wanted to do for a while) seemed almost out of reach.  Over the summer I tried to work through the need for more creativity in what I do by creating a school wide science resource page for K-6.  I doubt anyone at my school actually uses it, but for me I needed that outlet.  When school started this year, I began my blog in hopes that I would find others that inspired me out of my slump.  And WOW.  This is exactly what I needed.  Other teachers that have the same outlook about teaching as I do, and ideas galore.  I think Mor, at Teacher's Treasure, left my first comment.  It was supportive and kind and everything that I needed.

Then I found Pinterest....enough said.  I was happy again.  I found support and ideas and they were just out there waiting to be discovered.

And then it happened...after making my New Year's resolution, I started to look at that curriculum dream again, but a little different this time.  I'd found so many resources while I was pinning to a place called Teachers pay Teachers.  I'd even purchased some items from Lindsey Perro, and realized I will never buy commercial again.  Then I began thinking, "Could this be the creative outlet I've been so desperately needing?"  I gave it a shot a little over a month ago, and I think I have a new addiction love.  I add lessons as I create them for my students, and little by little I've seen traffic and even threw my first sale.

I felt like this teacher community had given so much to me that I so desperately needed.  I was contributing, but hadn't felt like I had the opportunity to give the love back to be inspirational, to help.
Then yesterday, I felt overcome with the need to provide some love to my bloggy friend Kim, at Finding Joy in 6th, and as usual, I wasn't alone.  Many others came to throw in their two cents, but more importantly provide her hugs, support, and inspiration.

Then, as if the day wasn't filled with enough cyberlove, Misty came by to let me know that she would be featuring me in her post today.  Many thanks to Misty over at Think, Wonder, Teach for bestowing upon me the top 10 award.  She had such an amazing post this morning, and reached out to all of her nominees with so much appreciation, I promise that in the next few days when I pass it along, that I will do as nice of a job as she did.  If you are looking for new teaching blogs, Misty gave a little reason why she likes each one, and as a result I began following some new inspiration.  You can find her post here.  I hope that the blogs I nominate will feel the love and inspiration that I felt today.


Molly said...

Wow, that was such a heartwarming post! I am a new blogger and signed up exactly for that same reason... I have found so much wonderful inspiration on teachers' blogs and it is very evident how much passion and excitement so many of these teachers have for teaching! I wanted to join this wonderful network of fabulous teachers and have found more inspiration than I ever could have imagined! It's thanks to teachers like you that we all become better at doing what we love... TEACHING! So glad I found your blog! :)

Lessons with Laughter

Molly said...


I awarded you the One Lovely Blog Award! Come to my site to check it out!

Lessons with Laughter

KRISTA said...


I love your post... I found your blog from Lessons with Laughter. I am a new follower!

Shannon said...

I agree with you about there not being enough time in the day to read the blogs-much less stop reading the blogs and do what the blogs are about! :)

Good luck to you with your curriculum endeavors! :)


applesandabcs said...

:) I love your blog!


Apples and ABC's

Ms. O'Brien said...

i nominated you for an award.. come on over and check it out!

Caught in the Middle said...

Thank you all for the love! If you are a new follower, welcome! If you gave me an sweet for thinking of me. This is a crazy week, so I hope to get something fun out by the weekend!

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