Sunday, March 25, 2012

Content Reading

As I think about going back to school next week and prepare for 4th quarter, my team needs to put together units for common core implementation.  We must include all areas of the curriculum, so I've been in search of ideas.  

I first went to my go to site for content articles for kids, Science News for Kids.  This online magazine separates science topics so that exploration is a little easier.  I found this fascinating article about electronic skin in the tech and math section.  It allows doctors to temporarily tag patients or help doctors running tests.  The article talks of all of the potential for this state of the art technology.  Amazing, but not what we will be covering during 4th quarter.

Click the picture to read about Electronic Skin
on Science News for Kids

Then I found this piece about the Mayans.  Now here is something that might work for us.   We do cover Mexico and South American Ancient History.  Again, you can click on the picture to read the article. 

After that my ADHD got the best of me as I began hopping from one science site to another.  These are also noteworthy and provide different types of resources.  Archimedes Initiative provides videos, Discovery Education has contests and grants...anyone? and DOGO News is another great site for gathering science content reading.  Anyone else have a go to site for science content reading in the middle grades?  I'd love to have some other internet resources so that I'm not at the mercy of this month's topics!


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