Thursday, March 15, 2012

Check out these Blogs!

Many thanks go out to Misty at Think, Wonder, Teach and to Krystal at Lessons from the Middle for the awards passed along to me!  Misty gave me the top 10 about a week ago, so it's time to pass it on!

I've been spending some quality time online this week as I begin my 2 week spring break.  It is much needed and I don't have the stress of traveling, so I've been stalking.  I definitely have my favorite blogs that I read religiously, but wanted to try and branch out.  I've found so many great places out there, and so these are the sites I want to award the top 10 with a description, just as Misty did.

Go Figure!
I recently received some great feedback from Scipi on TpT, and decided after visiting her shop that I needed to see what she has going on over at her blog, Go Figure!  It is a site dedicated to teaching math and is full of all kinds of great ideas.  She looks for fun ways to bring math to the "mathphobics" while sharing with other teachers. I know that she has already received the honor, but I wanted to share her site with you, if you aren't already a stalker!

Second Story Window
I found this awesome blog through Pinterest (surprised?)  This sister duo are teachers of younger children, and although my teaching passion is intermediate, I've found so many amazing ideas for my own preschooler.  They have linky parties, printouts, and pictures of everything they try in action. I really love their layout, and can't wait to see what they will come up with next!  I'm so visual, so I love it!!

Mrs. Tilmon says...
I'm not sure where I first found Mrs. Tilmon's blog, but I'm always checking out what's going on because she has such adorable products for middle school math. I also like the set up of her's so organized, and posts are easy to find.  (Hmmm... maybe something to consider during the next make over.)  Knowing that these kids still love the fun stuff, makes her my kind of teacher.

Heather shares so much of her classroom in her blog.  She is another blogger with pictures galore of what goes on in her classroom on a daily basis.  She's also a fellow desert dweller, so what she does with her students could very well work with the curriculum that I teach as well.  I see so many bloggers out there from around the country, especially the midwest, but not as many out west.

Zombie Math Teacher
Mandy's late night ramblings are so entertaining, I usually laugh out loud!  Although one might think that her blog is all about math, hers is certainly one of the most well rounded blogs that I read.  She talks about everything from her cat to interdisciplinary units to the plight of middle school teachers.

Ms. Preppy
I laugh out loud when I read her blog about teaching primary kiddos.  Someday she vows to write a book about all the wisdom that comes from the mouths of the students she teaches.  Part of me enjoys the hysterical anecdotes from her daily adventures, and the other part of me is reminded that being a primary teacher is something I no longer have the stamina for.

Making it As a Middle School Teacher
I love when I find blogs from teachers that do what I do.  You get to see all aspects of Michelle's life in her blog.  It's so diverse and that is what I love most about it.  She leaves so many different posts about different school topics, but will also blog about crafts, recipes, and fashion.

To the Square Inch
Kate shares her classroom activities almost daily on her blog and has so many items that she shares freely.  I can always find something that I can use in my room, and most of her ideas have a twist to the typical classroom math work.  Along with her downloads, she shares pictures of her class working and what works well and doesn't work in the middle school setting.

Ashleigh's Education Journey
This is one of the newest blogs I've started following, and I can't seem to read enough about this 4th grade class. Ashleigh is also one that shares all the wonderful activities going on in her room!

The 3am Teacher
Aren't we all 3am teachers?  Michelle, also living in the desert, has so many wonderful ideas and creates her own adorable graphics. There is always so much going on in the blogs and around in the sidebars, I stop by there if I'm looking for I need and can usually find it.  If you haven't found her blog yet, you should stop by!


Michelle Tsivgadellis said...

Thank you sooo are soo sweet. I just came acroos looseshoelaces this week...what a cute blog!! I am going to visit all the rest on your list that I haven't seen yet...

Thank you!!!


The 3AM Teacher

Mrs. Poland said...

Oh yea! I found so many new blogs. I especially love all the math blogs. Thank you for sharing!!

Think, Wonder, & Teach

emily kate said...

Thanks for featuring us! It's lovely to "meet" you!

Lisa Tilmon said...

You, my sweet blog friend, are at the top of my "automatic click" list! Thanks so much for the shout out. Never leave the fun stuff behind! ;)


Heather said...

Thanks Jena! You are so sweet! Between this and spring break I am just as happy as a clam. :) Thanks again!

Michelle Lundy said...

Thank you for the wonderful kind words about my blog! I love that you took time to write about each of the blogs you chose to pass the award on to!

Making It As A Middle School Teacher>

Kate said...

Aw thanks so much for the sweet award! I feel honored to be with so many AWESOME blogs!! I love your blog too and check it all the time!
To The Square Inch

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