Saturday, March 17, 2012

2 Weeks off with 10 Weeks to Go!

I'm so thankful that my district gives up 2 weeks off for spring break!  I'm not constantly worrying about doing all the home projects and dr. appointments and then finally having time to myself... before poof! it's over.  When we go back we will be in the final stretch of the year.  It can definitely be challenging with 6th graders and their hormones, but I'm trying to find all kinds of interesting activities to keep them on task.  Luckily Pinterest and the blogs keep me stocked with all sorts of ideas!  Even if I don't use what I find, everything I come across seems to be inspiring.  Here are some samples of work I've done this week.
The cootie catcher is something that I modified from what I usually do.  This one asks students to answer math story problems.
Taught myself to create a cube template because all the ones I found were too small, or too big, etc.
I've been working on some angle units over break.  Here is an I have who has that I didn't put in the download.  I felt like it was a little to high for the math level I teach.

A page for working with vocabulary.  It's a variation of the circle map we use as part of the Thinking Maps program.  Having a very visual 11 year old reminds me that kids need a variety! (and...I HATE flash cards) 

Just click on the picture to download from google docs. if it looks like something you could use.  


Kim said...

YAY Jena!

I have to modify a few questions, but your "Who has..." activity fits in perfectly with my plans for next week.

Thanks (so much!) for sharing.

Enjoy two weeks of relaxing BLISS!

Finding JOY in 6th Grade

Shannon said...

Oh, how I wish we were on spring break! :) Ours is not until the 3rd week in April-we come back and have 4 weeks of school left. Huh? :)

Enjoy your time off!!!! I know just what you mean about the 6th grade hormones!


Miss Alissa said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing!

Kate said...

Enjoy your spring break!! Jealous! Thanks for sharing all of these ideas!!
To The Square Inch

Overcaffeinated and Optimistic said...

I do something very similar for vocabulary! It's in a different order around the page and your box "cut and paste or draw a real life example" is much like my "real life connection" box. I let the kids draw or write-- with the picture already sometimes they struggle to get a different picture, but others, they absolutely love it. Your break looks so productive! 2 weeks until mine....

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