Saturday, February 11, 2012

Science Fair

Today was the district science fair.  It is such an amazing event put on by teachers in our district with help from Intel.  Besides displaying the best projects from each school site, there are groups from around the area there promoting science and STEM education.  My son had a fabulous time "doing science" with various groups.

Here, he is extracting the strawberry's DNA with the high school bioengineering club.  He did the smashing of the berries, while they showed him the rest.  Now he has a necklace with a vial of it around his neck.

This table may have been his favorite.  He is going to be an engineer someday with all the building that he does!  This is a toothpick bridge he built with spaghetti and marshmallows.  Once he was done, the volunteers from Intel hung a paper pocket in the center.  My son filled the pocket with pennies, counting each one carefully.  His 5 year old bridge held 13 pennies!!

The Mad Scientists were there with many demonstrations.  The van de graff generator was definitely puzzling to him.  Since his hair is so short and coarse, it didn't stand up.  When his dad touched his arm to help him down, though, he was unpleasantly surprised.  Then his cute 5 year old curiosity tried to shock everyone he came across.

As I upload all my science fair items from this year including the logbook and board headers, here is a freebie that will help as kids make those boards look organized and put together!


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