Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fe Scientist and Socrative

This year our city has gone all out to promote math and science in our communities, schools, and businesses.  It has been very exciting to see everyone show up for all the events!  On Saturday, I worked the Iron Scientist event that invited kids from the audience to do science with teachers and a "secret ingredient."  My husband came up with Fe Scientist many years ago to get high school science teachers to battle each other at our district science fair.  It was a hit and great, and the audience typically learned some new science concept while watching all the science that could be done with balloons, or paperclips, or scotch tape, or whatever was deemed the "secret ingredient."

This year, since kids were going to be asked to participate, I asked him if we could please use my science bags from "Lab in a Bag."  One ingredient would be kind of scary to find appropriate science to do with kids aged 2-15.  Luckily, he obliged and the results were truly amazing.  Kids were coming up with all kinds of experiments from using Newton's Laws to creating a water purifier if you found yourself stuck in the woods without clean water.

The best part was that the audience got to vote on who's science experiment won.  The new program Socrative allows teachers (and others) to create an online quiz of sorts.  Then the students, using their phones, vote or answer questions or take a poll.  Parents were directed to this new resource and asked to vote for the Fe Science winner electronically.  If I taught high school or was doing staff development, I might just have to use this!  Our school has spent thousands of dollars on responders and and the software to go with it.  Socrative uses a free online program and cell phones that people already have...what will they think of next??


vicky1970 said...

Hi Jena
I'm your newest blogger and I teach first grade but really want to make the move to 6th...something I have been thinking about now for a little while. I will be poppin in more often. Come visit me sometime. :o)
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Caught in the Middle said...

Hi Vicky!

Thanks for dropping by. I too was a first grade teacher. I loved it, but enjoy working with the older kids even more. Silent reading time is actually silent, and explaining a new science concept doesn't get sidetracked by all the stories. ;)

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