Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Today I was updating my pathetic calendar in the classroom that is hidden behind my tall director's chair.  It's been years since I actually bought new calendar cards.  I use stars now.  Stars are good for any month.  There was a time when I had holiday cards with matching month headings, but that was me as a first grade teacher.  The calendar was important since it was always part of our math wall.  These days I use it to let kids know how long they have until a project is due, or when the next math test will be.

On Pinterest this weekend...surprise, surprise...I found several different pins of people that had made their own.  Of course!  Why I hadn't though of it earlier is beyond me...maybe it's the suppressed primary teacher in me.  So here are 6 sets that I created...FREE to all!  I'll make more later, but this should get me to the end of the year. :)
Black and White Vines


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