Saturday, January 21, 2012

Staples Sale!!

I went in to Staples this morning to pick up some glue sticks and large manilla envelopes.  I really just needed those two items.  One to replace all of the glue sticks depleted by science fair and the envelopes to tape to the back for our logbooks.  Here's what I walked out with...

8 pkg of 2 each jumbo glue sticks $1 each...regularly $3.49. (I had my daughter go through the line first, since they have a limit of 4.

1 pkg of labels FREE after easy rebate, regularly $9.99.

3 pkg of 2 each large scissors $3 each...regularly $13.49.

1 box of 100 9"x12" manilla envelopes for $5.00...regularly ?  The others around it were $29.99

2 pkg of 18 each ticoronga pencils $2



Kate said...

Ohhh! I need to get to Staples!! Those labels look amazing!
To The Square Inch

Ms. D said...

I Love Staples!!! :)

Lisa Tilmon said...

Awesome deals! I {heart} Staples! :-)

Kate said...

I ended up at Staples today after church :) New sales!!
To The Square Inch

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