Monday, January 23, 2012

PBS Learning Media

I spent all day today in our district science cadre meeting learning all about the up and coming Next Generation Science Standards, our state's science and tech fair, chemical safety, and using the PBS Learning Media.

PBS Learning Media was by far the most interesting part for me since in the past I used United Streaming through Discovery Learning.  When the state didn't renew its contract last September, I felt like I was left with no "go to" resource for quality science clips.  Asset, through Arizona State University, has taken over where Discovery Learning left off.  They now are slowly gathering all of the resources to make a tech site that will be a great tool to teachers.  It's free to sign up and free to access.  The site not only carries video, they also are collecting inter actives, lesson plans, audio, and image.  The search makes it easy to narrow down topic, grade level, and media site.  AND it allows you to set up of classroom site so that all the links that you want your students to access will be there, without having them search and find the link.  They can access it at home and you can manage it so that you keep your links year round, but only allow them to access them at certain times.  I'm in LOVE!

Here is the link to the main asset site. From here you can click on the link that says, "PBS Learning Media"

Their main site is also a great resource tool for pre K.


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