Tuesday, January 3, 2012

More Organizing

I'm so lucky that I still have another 3 days of break, so after dropping off my preschooler, I stopped by Target's $1 bin and there are some super cute items to help out with organizing in the classroom.  That resolution that may never be fully met since there is always organizing that I can do, but I might as well start some where!  I picked up the following items, and while I am still awaiting my Vista print order, I can work on some Pinterest ideas that I also had in mind.  Here are the items I scored today...

Now I must confess that I also bought a few items for the prize box and some super cute Valentine's Day bags for my son, oh and I wanted to try out that blue duster mitt for my white board... I swear the dollar bins just call me to take stuff!

The whiteboard will be for students leaving the classroom, something that I found on Pinterest that I loved. It will replace the sign out log that seems to get misplaced too often!


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