Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Digital Cell Resources

It's been one of those weeks that has been so packed full of extra activities, I'm bone tired.  I do want to share the great website I found as I began working on cells with my students this week.  The Learn Genetics site through the University of Utah is unbelievable!  So many opportunities for virtual interaction, you can spend a long time just exploring.  I really like the part you can zoom in to see relative size of cell organelles, bacteria, viruses, even an atom.  It really helps put everything into perspective!

Discovery Education provides an interactive microscope where students choose samples that they try to match up.

On "Know it All" in the Hobby Shop, you will find a neat activity that explains microscopes and how they work.  All, of course, is interactive.
Then, there is always the of my faves!  They always have great stuff.


Kathy said...

Thanks for the great resources. Cells are my next topic of study in science!

Kate said...

Thanks for these awesome resources! I especially love the Hobby Shop!
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