Thursday, January 5, 2012


After the school science fair at the end of January, we start one of my favorite units in science.  Teaching cells ties together the history that our kids are learning at about the same time.  It is a fabulous way for kids to make connections is a deeper more meaningful way.

So after my recent adventure to find the low-down on "cute", I found what I was looking for!  Little Miss Kindergarten had some enlightening (and a little frustrating) insight on using clip art.  So I visited LPM Doodles and literally fell in love with all the cuteness.  AND, what's even better is that she is in the classroom during the day, so she gets it!  So if you are looking for all the cuteness I found, she is here.

Then I started playing.  In fact I played most of the day with the graphics.  I am going to be using these for a bulletin board, but may also use parts as class notes for my kiddos notebooks.  I clearly have much more to do, but I still have several weeks before we begin cell theory.  Here are a couple of things that I made today...maybe you could use them too!  The first is a one pager, and the second is the beginning to a packet of pages that I will share more of when it is done!!


Kate said...

Holy cute!! I can't even handle this! I have never been into the clipart thing. Everything available seemed so babyish...but these Cell worksheets you made are amazing. My middle school kids would LOVE them!! Thank you for sharing...and I may just have to buy some KPM Doodles!!

ahilliman said...

I couldn't find your freebie on tpt can you repost it?

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