Wednesday, January 18, 2012

100th day with Science

The comments from my post from yesterday prompted today's entry on ideas for incorporating science into 100th day for older kids. Here are some ideas...

1. Show a video clip or have students research the most important inventions of the past 100 years, which also has a history tie.

2."100 licks" is a lab I did a while ago!  The kids love it, but it's sticky.  Split kids up into groups of 4, or however many lollipop types you have.  Which lollipop can disappear in 100 licks? Students track with pictures, drawings, or weight the difference after every 10 licks.  I show the old tootsie pop clip.

3.If you have static electricity tie in, give each of the groups a balloon and wool cloth.  Then student record how many items (small pieces of torn paper or rice crisps) the balloon will pick up after every 10 rubs on the balloon until they hit 100. Then they analyze at what point rubbing no longer makes a difference.

4. There is a great biology site that times out how many cells form and die.  You can track how long for different types of cells to reach 100, or how many form/die in 100 seconds.

5. Visit 100 greatest discoveries of all time...

6. 100 illustrated science vocabulary words (about 4 words each). To create a kid generated visual word wall.

7.  You might also check some other blogs...This is from the science website I created for my staff.  It is a list of blogs that have a focus on science broken down by different grade level and specialty.


Kathy said...

Our 100th day is next week. You have some great ideas. I never thought about doing anything with 100th day before this. I love the inventions idea! Also, the 100 science vocab. exercise. I think I will use it in language arts though and have them come up with 100 new vocab. words they have learned this year!

Heather said...

I love the 100 licks lab! Do you have a form that you used before because I would love to have it!

Caught in the Middle said...

Heather, I'm working on it right now. I need an email and I'll send it to you.

Linda Nelson said...

Hi - I found your link at the TBA linky party. It's great to see such amazing ideas for the middle grade celebration. I'll bet your students love to come to your class!


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