Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Supersized Vista Print Order!

I've spent most of the morning playing around on Vista Print after I received some feedback from my last post...thanks Stephanie and Mor!  Stephanie's page was sooooooo helpful and it lead me to some other places, ideas, and even a Facebook page.  Who knew?  So as promised, here are the items that I ordered.  All but one for the classroom (my daughter loves owls) and several were free.  I had a $70 Groupon that I paid $17 for and because I bought an additional $25, I didn't need to pay for shipping!!  I will for sure be going back for more, and if you need some inspiration, here is Stephanie's site Teaching in Room 6 ~Vistaprint ideas.


             The Freebies
Pen w/my name, Welcome magnet for the door, From the desk of stamp, and "You've got the ticket" postcard that I'll use for our Friday Star Student

The Essentials
These are the items I actually planned on purchasing before I started. The fix it stickers, 2 magnets for in class, at home work, a set of Thank You cards that say from the desk of Mrs. Phillips, that actually shows my desk, Student information post cards, post-its for the copy mom, while you were out pads that can just be torn off (my favorite!), and a no name stamp in red so that when it goes home, parents can see it!

 The Extras
These items were ones I found that I didn't necessarily need, but thought they'd be nice to have.  A mouse pad, a poster for our independent math work, and an owl bag for my daughter!


Sherrie said...

OMG I love everything you got! I placed a huge order myself and only ended up paying $42 for it. I used some of the same backgrounds you did. I love your post-it notes for copies. I will do a post next week showing what I ordered. I took me ALL day to get my order together as I perfected what I wanted everything to say. I am now making a Vista Print file with ideas so next time it won't take all day to do my order. :)

Kate said...

I just found your blog and I am SO happy I did! I can't wait to read through a bunch of your posts!

~Stephanie said...

Oh my gosh! I LOVE the "Science teacher" mouse pad. It is genius!!! Off to order some more ;)

Teaching in Room 6

Mindy said...

Great ideas! Thanks for sharing. I think you need a new no name stamp, though. Who's means who is. You're saying "who is paper?". It should be "whoooooose paper" if you want to know whose it is.

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