Friday, December 2, 2011

Holiday Gifts for Students

Every year, for the past six years, I leave school on the last day before Christmas break with enough loot to make me embarrassed.  Having once worked in Title I, I never came to expect anything from my students.  My students were lucky to have eaten the night before, so I always felt like I should give something to them.  Each year I would have stockings for them to decorate and fill them with goodies.  It's a tradition I've never stopped, even though my students now could care less about candy or trinkets that came from their teacher.  This year I have nearly 80 students and so I'm at an impasse.  Do I continue spending money on students to buy things that will end up in the trash before the end of the day?  What I have to offer is so insignificant in their world, that I'm not sure it is even worth it.  What do you do?  I'm curious and looking for some new ideas.

Here's what I was thinking about this year.  Some I've done in the past, some are brand new...

Candy bars with "Free night" homework pass.  I've gotten some super cute ideas off of pinterest if I use this this year.

Stockings stuffed with Oriental Trading Company goodies

Ornaments with their name/initial.  Again...some great ones out their on pinterest, but might take time to make.

Lunch with your teacher.  They still LOVE to tell me all kinds of stories and there is never enough class time.

Week of Giving (class gift).  One day I'd play with them in PE, one day in math they'd get to have game day, one day I'd eat with them in the cafeteria, etc.


Sherrie said...

I teach on a team and we have over 100 students to get gifts for. Cost adds up very quickly with so many students.

Last year we gave each student a free assignment pass, a free hall pass, and a free indoor recess pass. They also got some mini candy canes and some hershey's kisses/peanut butter cups.

Middle schoolers love the free passes and they don't cost us anything, except having to give up time for the indoor recess.

A Teacher's Treasure said...

Oh dear! Listen.... I struggle with the same thing every year but it is not possible to give something to 120+ students that will be significant enough. Which is why I give Holiday Homework Passes :) with candy! Done deal! They appreciate a night off hw more then anything materialistic!

Happy Holidays!

❤ Mor Zrihen ❤
A Teacher's Treasure

Kristen Bowers said...

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-Kristen (aka Secondary Solutions)

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