Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Pinterest Obsession

It's just too easy.  I mean, really, really easy.  My craft blog that I started over a year ago ceased to have any updates after the start of the virtual pinboards. They are exactly what I wanted for my craft blog; a way to catalog all the great ideas.  So like all the other many fads, many teachers have jumped on board.  The ideas are incredible!  Most are for students younger than mine, but you know, those of us caught in the middle adapt.  The more people that repin my finds, the more people I find to follow.  Of course I do have other interests outside of teaching...mainly food which I eat lots of because of the stress my job creates...but I digress.  Here are some of my favorites that I've found so far from several different categories.  If you haven't checked it out, you can click on my new pinterest button on the left margin.

You don't have to follow me, but it's kind of nice to see what you are capable of doing by looking at someone that has some very full boards. I'm sorry for not linking each one, but I did leave the board name that I keep it pinned on.  For everyone that is already pinning, keep the inspiration coming!

Classroom Ideas

I thought that this was clever.  I always have things for students to do, but this provides dozens of activities to be stored in one area where students can easily access them.

Classroom Ideas

A quick creative writing activity that would be something out of the ordinary.  I've found the more novel the activity, the more students will invest time in their writing.  Obviously a five paragraph essay is out of the question, but a great place to work on voice at any age.


Interactive science content folder.  The flaps and diagrams, graphs and pockets provide an interesting way for students to not only keep all of their work in one place, but to study for a test.


This is AWESOME! Someone has created word cards for a word wall that includes pictures for each of the vocabulary terms.


Someone has planned a birthday party around science experiments.

Bulletin Boards

I just love how bright and colorful this board is!  It reminds students of a math strategy for solving word problems.

When I first pinned this, I thought of myself.  But the more times I see it, the more I see it as the basis of classroom management.  Teachers that have the most issue with student behavior and being seen as the "mean" one, have not realized that this is absolutely the case in a classroom.


This is called fairies in a jar.  It reminds me of my cooperating teacher who used to give kids bags of glitter with a note from the tooth fairy when they lost their teeth.  There is just something magical about glitter!


Apparently these last 4 days.  What a great idea for my teacher lunch!  I typically end up buying from the cafeteria, then wonder why I can't just make some things up ahead of time.

Home stuff

What a retreat for the end of a day of teaching! I might just have to try this out if my own kids don't take it over or spoil it first.

~There is even a linky party for pinterest posts!  When will I ever get my laundry done this weekend.  It's a rather old post, but the date is set so that other bloggers can continue to add to the list.  Come check it out, but set aside some time!


Kim said...


I am now following you on Pinterest! I can't wait to follow up on some of your math pins... and I was so HONORED to see one of mine there in the mix! Thanks!

Finding JOY in 6th Grade

Caught in the Middle said...

Hi Kim~ Thanks for providing the inspiration for the pin, and for your support!


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