Saturday, November 5, 2011

Calling All Science Blogs!!

I haven't posted as often as usual since I've been soooo busy this week.  Our school's major fundraiser was last night, our computers were down part of the week so I had to rethink lessons, and I planned a brand new lab concept for teaching energy.  And if that weren't enough, I've been updating my science site to include science blogs!

I've been so impressed with all that I've found lately with the blogging world and pinterest, that I felt compelled to add a section to the website to link up blogs that focus mainly on science.  Having said that...I need help to flesh it out with more science blog links.  It's seen by my staff and other staff in the district, and I've shared it online through we teach and pinterest.  It is definitely a labor of love and something that is a much needed resource to teachers at our school.

If you have or know of a good science blog to help teachers, please leave their link in the comment section. (I'm still learning how to set up linky parties...hopefully one in the near future!)  Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge!!


Courtney said...

Great idea!

Middle School Blog:

Caught in the Middle said...

Thanks Courtney... You are on my list to add ! :)

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