Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mentor, create, study!

In Arizona, teachers must be highly qualified in specific content areas in order to teach junior high.  Several years ago I took and passed the middle school math test since our 6th graders work one to two grade levels ahead in math.  I never wanted anyone from the district to come to me and say, "Sorry, you teach multiple groups of students 7th/8th grade math, you are on sub pay until you pass the test."  This year I'm studying for the middle school science test.  I've been working closely with science curriculum for the past three years and figure if I'm going to make the jump to junior high, I'd try to be qualified in both since I feel quite connected now with the science curriculum.

Last year when our principal asked that I find resources for some teachers, I created a thorough website that links online, interactive/content links for every science P.O. (ok, let's be honest, most P.O.s) taught, kindergarten through 6th grades.  I learned so much about the progression of science education by making this resource, that I began to use many of the resources to help myself prepare for November's content test.  So what started out as a way to help mentor, has now provided endless resources to help me prepare for the science test.

Hope others will find helpful links here as well.


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