Sunday, October 23, 2011

Khan Academy

For 3 years now I've been uploading my math lessons to my classroom website so that if students are absent they don't miss out on the lesson.  Then this past year I heard a story about the Khan Academy and how schools in California are making his online community part of their daily math instruction.  The story behind this new and innovative resource is that the founders niece needed some math tutoring so her uncle would use his pad and upload the sessions to YouTube.  They received so many hits that Khan received national recognition and a grant from the Bill Gates foundation.  He has expanded to add science lessons as well.  I haven't spent an enormous amount of time exploring all that it has to offer, but it is definitely something that could be utilized so that students in more rural areas receive a quality math education.


SummerTechie said...

I used to be the Asst Director to an educational tutoring center that used this approach. There were two types of students working through the program, the ones that wanted to get caught up to grade level and the students who wanted to go above and beyond. Coming from a more traditional background in teaching I was unsure of how this would go. I see some of the social aspects of the classroom diminishing, however student achievement improving. It is definitely something that I continue to read more into, now working for iD Tech Camps as we consider the benefits of this style of teaching.

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