Monday, October 24, 2011

Disney Products for the Classroom

A couple of years ago, my hubby picked up this great science video on energy at an NSTA conference.  Disney calls the series "The Science of Imagineering" and in true Disney style it's amazing!  So as I kick off our 2nd quarter theme on Energy, I had to share this fabulous series that brings real life jobs of science into the life of kids.  By the time the video about energy is over, I have a classroom full of kids itching to become engineers...I LOVE IT!

So last night as I was searching for the other titles in the series, I found that Disney has a educational page for teachers.  I don't know why they wouldn't, but I just had never come across it before.  They also have a catalog of other products including a line of smart board materials, a series from Bill Nye, and some items that you can get other places as well.

Here's the catalog...this is just one of the imagineering videos...I couldn't actually get a clip from the catalog jpg.

I can't wait to get back and see what else they have available!


Courtney said...

Great recommendation! Thanks so much! I was hoping these were good and had been eyeing them up....I am SO buying them now! {Literally. Now. Right now.} Thanks!

Caught in the Middle said...

Let me know if you enjoy the ones you order. I own the one on energy and it's perfect for middle school (and that's sometimes hard to find.) I'd definitely like to add to my collection!


Courtney said...

I LOVED it! AND the students loved it just as much as I did! (haha yes, I already bought "Energy". previewed it. used it. and the students are starting a project based on it tomorrow.)

blogged about it here and gave you a shout-out:

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